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Rayon Hula is one of Mike Cooper’s finest works. Recognised by Prix Ars Electronica in 2005 as a seminal vision of expanded exotica, the record has since gone on to gather a rather substantial cult status. Now over a half a decade since it’s original limited edition release on Hipshot, Room40 makes Rayon Hula widely available for the first time, as an extended and completely re-mastered edition.

A Note From Mike Cooper:

“Rayon Hula is a homage to the Hawaiian cool jazz / exotica musician Arthur Lyman and Ellery Chun creator of the Hawaiian Aloha shirt. This collection is made from samples of some of Arthur Lyman's records, deconstructed, treated and reconstructed with lap steel guitar and/or electronics played across the top and with the repeating brightly coloured 'looped' patterns of my many Hawaiian shirts in mind.

All the bird songs are live recordings that I made in Queensland, Australia. The original recording and mixing was done on a Tascam 4 track cassette recorder and two mini disc players. I’m very pleased to have this newly re-mastered version of the album available through Room40.”

Available In Flac and MP3 (320)