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Australian born, now Berlin based, guitarist Julia Reidy is a player with a fierce interest in expanding the gestural capacity of her chosen instrument. Rather than relying solely on preparations, it is her physicality with the instrument that brings about the provocative timbral mediations found on Beholder. Matching the guitar against field recordings and electronics she uncovers new relationships and potentials from her chosen instrument.

From Julia…

“I like being a step removed – from the sounds I’m producing, the forms I’m constructing. Playing very high up, into screaming wind, the sound can only dissipate and be consumed. It can feel like day-dreaming.

The assemblage of this music began on the Greek island of Syros, during a residency called Sounding Paths. It was completed within the following weeks, in Berlin and Tokyo, using field recordings, DX7, synths and guitar.

I’m focussing on re-contextualising the guitar’s material, which always feels very close and familiar. The environments are shaped by sounds from many sources.

I had Phil Houghton in mind when I was finishing this music.

This album is dedicated to him.”